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Special Education

Autism Program
Sydnie Abrecht
Tina Baker
Dottie Braverman
Erin Sherlock
Kari Tolley
Tracy Brosenne (Instructional Assistant)
Abby Hall (Instructional Assistant
Lori Moser (Instructional Assistant)
Rachel Pribulick (Instructional Assistant)
Lizzie Rose (Instructional Assistant)

Early Childhood Special Needs
Kristyn Kirschbaum
Sharon Shaut (Instructional Assistant)

Special Education Resource
Christine Amundson
Gina Downey
Kate Foster
Mary Kurtz
Miranda Uhrig
Ginger Fromm (Instructional Assistant) 
Irene Heiss (Instructional Assistant)
Becky Holt (Instructional Assistant)
Kim Oehlke (Instructional Assistant)
Special Education Clerk
Jennifer Latzlsberger
Specialists and Related Services
Amy Palazzo (Speech and Language Pathologist)
Melinda Sears (Speech and Language Pathologist)
Jenna Utz (Speech and Language Pathologist)
Dana Dukehart (Occupational Therapist)
Jess Page (Physical Therapist)
Laura Hise (Autism Program Behavior Support Specialist)